ZCI QuantiXLie aims to create a motivating environment for learning and training of young researchers, and provide a stable long-time financial framework for their education and professional development. Members of the QuantiXLie center are internationally recognized researchers who publish their results in leading international scientific journals, which gather significant number of citations and have impact on the scientific community

The QuantiXLie group is composed of researchers from The Faculty of Science (PMF) of the University of Zagreb (UniZG), Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing (UniZG), Faculty of Civil Engineering University of Zagreb (UniZG), Faculty of Metallurgy UniZG, Faculty of Textile Technology UniZG, Institute of Physics (IF), Ruđer Bošković Institute (IRB), Department of Mathematics – University of Rijeka and Faculty of Science of the University of Split (UniST).

The total potential of theoretical physics and mathematics in Croatia is far from the full utilization, despite the fact that it is a less expensive from experimental physics, with potentially large impact. In particular, there is a stable source of funding for graduate students, resulting in the number of graduate students is far below the mentoring capacity of researchers. Each group concentrated on a relatively narrow area of research while synergy potential of research groups remains unrealized.

The goal of the QuantiXLie center is to correct all these deficiencies and take full advantage of the potential of our researchers.