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Combinatorial bases of basic modules for affine Lie algebras C_n^{(1)}

25/10/2016 Rafael Mrđen 0

Abstract: Lepowsky and Wilson initiated the approach to combinatorial Rogers-Ramanujan type identities via vertex operator constructions of standard (i.e., integrable highest weight) representations of affine Kac-Moody Lie algebras. Meurman and Primc developed further this approach for by using vertex operator algebras and Verma modules. In this paper, we use the same method […]

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Whittaker modules for the affine Lie algebra A_1 ^{(1)}

06/06/2016 leo 0

We prove the irreducibility of the universal non-degenerate Whittaker modules for the affine Lie algebra of type  with noncritical level. These modules can become simple Whittaker modules over with the same Whittaker function and central charge. We have to modulo a central character for sl2sl2 to obtain simple degenerate Whittaker […]