Project: Structure and Dynamics of Exotic Femtosystems (STRUDEF)


ABSTRACT: The goal of this project is to develop and apply a novel theoretical
framework, based on Relativistic Nuclear Energy Density Functional (RNEDF)
that enables microscopic modeling of the structure and dynamics of quantum
systems at the femtometer scale, and provides accurate predictions for
exotic femtosystems far from stability that are not yet accessible in
experiment. These nuclei have exotic or unusual structural and dynamical
properties such as, for instance, sizes and shapes very different from
their nearest stable nuclei, or exotic modes of collective excitation and
decay by particle emission. The project research includes development of
the framework based on the RNEDF with specific aims to (i) develop a more
reliable functional with enhanced effective mass near the Fermi surface
and improved spin-orbit interaction in the isovector channel, (ii) provide
quantitative description of statistical uncertainties and correlations of
nuclear properties using covariance analysis, (iii) to describe
low-amplitude motion using finite amplitude method and couplings with
complex configurations, (iv) upgrade the generator-coordinate method
framework for large amplitude motion , (v) explore phenomena of shape
coexistence and shape transitions, (vi) study the structure and stability
of superheavy nuclei and fission process, (vii) explore astrophysically
relevant nuclear processes including weak interaction. This will require
the development of advanced theoretical methods to resolve the challenge
posed by the current and future large-scale radioactive ion beam
facilities, namely the understanding of rare nuclei far from stability
that are precursors in the synthesis of all stable nuclear species on
Earth. A key ingredient in achieving the theoretical goal of increased
predictive power for exotic femtosystems is development and application of
efficient computational tools and methods of scientific computing using
distributed computer systems.

Associate professor Tamara Nikšić, Assistant professor Tomislav Marketin, Postdoctoral researcher Vaia Prassa, Postdoctoral researcher Jie Zhao, PhD student Deni Vale, PhD student Nato Popara, Postdoctoral researcher Yifei Niu, Postdoctoral researcher Kosuke Nomura,

Key words:
exotic nuclei, energy density functional, nuclear collective motion, fission, beta decay, large amplitude motion