Members of the Lie unit

Members of the Lie unit

      Prof. Ozren Perše


      Associate Professor of Mathematics at the Faculty of Science University of Zagreb (Department of Mathematics)

      Fields of interest:
      Vertex algebras, infinite-dimensional Lie algebras, conformal field theory

      Croatian Mathematical Society award for scientific achievements in mathematics in 2008

      Five selected publications:

      • D. Adamović, V. G. Kac, P. Moseneder Frajria, P. Papi, O. Perše, Finite vs infinite decompositions in conformal embeddings, Communications in mathematical physics 348 (2016), 445-473.
      • D. Adamović, O. Perše, Fusion rules and complete reducibility of certain modules for affine Lie algebras, Journal of algebra and its applications 13 (2014) 1350062 18pp.
      • D. Adamović, O. Perše, Some general results on conformal embeddings of affine vertex operator algebras, Algebras and representation theory 16 (2013) 51-64.
      • D. Adamović, O. Perše, The vertex algebra M(1)^+ and certain affine vertex algebras of level -1, SIGMA 8 (2012) 040 16 pp.
      • O. Perše, Vertex operator algebras associated to type B affine Lie algebras on admissible half-integer levels, Journal of Algebra 307 (2007), 215-248.


      Ozren Perše received a PhD in mathematics from the University of Zagreb in 2005. (supervisors: D. Adamović and M. Primc). He has been promoted to the rank of Associate Professor of Mathematics at
      University of Zagreb in 2013. His main fields of research are the theory of vertex operator algebras and infinite-dimensional Lie algebras. He is an author of 11 research papers. He gave around 20 lectures at conferences, and participated as a researcher in several scientific grants. He taught many undergraduate and post-graduate courses. He supervised one PhD thesis and 20 diploma thesis.

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