A note on principal subspaces of the affine Lie algebras in types B_l^{(1)}, C_l^{(1)}, F_4^{(1)} and G_2^{(1)}

Author: Marijana Butorac

Communications in Algebra, doi: 10.1080/00927872.2020.1788046

Abstract: We construct quasi-particle bases of principal subspaces of standard modules L(\Lambda), where \Lambda = k_0 \Lambda_0 + k_j \Lambda_j, and \Lambda_j denotes the fundamental weight of affine Lie algebras of type B_l^{(1)}, C_l^{(1)}, F_4^{(1)}, or G_2^{(1)} of level one. From the given bases we find characters of principal subspaces.