Self-dual and logarithmic representations of the twisted Heisenberg–Virasoro algebra at level zero

Dražen Adamović and Gordan RadoboljaCommun. Contemp. Math.

This paper is a continuation of [D. Adamović and G. Radobolja, Free field realization of the twisted Heisenberg–Virasoro algebra at level zero and its applications, J. Pure Appl. Algebra 219(10) (2015) 4322–4342]. We present certain new applications and generalizations of the free field realization of the twisted Heisenberg–Virasoro algebra \mathcal H at level zero. We find explicit formulas for singular vectors in certain Verma modules. A free field realization of self-dual modules for \mathcal H is presented by combining a bosonic construction of Whittaker modules from [D. Adamović, R. Lu and K. Zhao, Whittaker modules for the affine Lie algebra A_1^{(1)}Adv. Math. 289 (2016) 438–479, arXiv:1409.5354] with a construction of logarithmic modules for vertex algebras. As an application, we prove that there exists a non-split self-extension of irreducible self-dual module which is a logarithmic module of rank two. We construct a large family of logarithmic modules containing different types of highest weight modules as subquotients. We believe that these logarithmic modules are related with projective covers of irreducible modules in a suitable category of \mathcal H-modules.

Keywords: Heisenberg–Virasoro algebra; logarithmic representations; Whittaker modules; self-dual modules; singular vectors
AMSC: 17B69, 17B67, 17B68, 81R10